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Why, Why, Why – The Rejection Letter

Posted by Lori on July 24, 2008

Two weeks after posing for the most dynamic interview of your life, you receive a letter from the company who holds the key to your future. You just know they are writing to inform you of the company compensation package, your new elevated rate of pay and the reimbursement amount for a company car. The letter is pure white, crisp linen with a golden embossed return address. You all but heave your brief case across the room because you are so excited. So what if it bounces on the floor and barely misses the dog – your new company will have a faster laptop for you anyway!

Too bad that you don’t have one of those toad-stabber letter openers to get to the heart of your future. You finally muster up the courage to open the envelop because reality has suddenly loomed around you. After all, maybe it really isn’t a job offer – it could be a dear John letter, but in your heart you know it isn’t that. Perish the thought! You purposefully colored yourself into the lines of a new job, which included way more money, which means you will be getting a new auto, as well as a new house, or at least an upgrade in your living arrangement. Yes, you are moving right on up in the world!

You carefully unseal the envelop and reach inside to grab your new life by the horns. After unfolding the letter, it is more than abundantly clear that you are not holding a set of keys to a new life – you are holding the dreaded nasty gram from a company that was to be your new identity. You are too stunned to even cry. Disbelief sets in, followed by hurt and anger. How could you possibly continue with your existence, especially after you convinced yourself, family and friends that you were turning the page to a new chapter in your life?

The burning question that is on your mind is WHY? Why in the world didn’t they hire me? You know that you were the most qualified person on this earth for the job. After you stop beating yourself up, take a look at an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education. The author gives many scenarios on why candidates are not hired. Even though the context of the article is academia, parallels could be made in most hiring situations. So, if you weren’t hired, try to understand the viewpoint of the search committee and be honest with yourself and what you can honestly bring to your new employer.

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