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8 Hot Tips for Job Seekers: A Job Search Guide In a Nutshell

Posted by Lori on January 13, 2010

The internet, as well as local libraries and news media, are a plethora of information with regard to careers. How to search for jobs, build resumes, and answer the most poignant interview questions, are just a few topics and titles on the airwaves and in the stacks.

I recently came across a Job Search Guide from Financial Job Bank. The Guide is a handy-dandy checklist for anyone who is preparing to enter the workforce for the first time or change to a new career. While the document may not be all-inclusive, it is a great resource in a condensed version that anyone can use.

According the Guide, the job seeker should:

  1. Identify his/her career
  2. Develop a powerful resume
  3. Effectively market themselves to employers
  4. Master the art of the interview
  5. Manage their online reputation
  6. Become a master negotiator
  7. Avoid being a typical job seeker
  8. Stay educated and stay ahead

Take time to view the link, and all it has to offer as you prepare to find your dream job this year!

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