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10 Creative Places to Find the Hidden Jobs

Posted by Lori on February 18, 2010

Has your job search turned into a reconnaissance mission? You scoured the newspaper and super-sleuthed the internet and now what do you do? There is no doubt that times are tough in the job market and you must be prepared to switch from the conventional job search method to forage for employment opportunities elsewhere. Our friends at wetfeet.com have some great ideas on places to probe for a career.  Take a look at the list and see if you can find some places that you may have not have considered:

  1. Do an informational interview when you are trying to decide on changing careers.
  2. Get by with a little help from your friends in the form of networking.
  3. Create your own job. If you see an unmet need, fill it!
  4. Go back to the future and embrace your past.
  5. Be true to your school. Go back and explore how to use your talents to add to the campus community. You meet some alums who could help you.
  6. Make like the Matrix and embrace cyberspace. There are thousands of career sites online that can provide advice for you.
  7. Play sleuth and determine which companies are growing.
  8. Contact someone you admire and ask them for advice.
  9. Get physical and enjoy the great outdoors. You will meet new people, and get energized at the same time.
  10. Host a new book club or career action group.

You may be surprised when you tap into the resources mentioned. Good luck in your quest!

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Market Thyself

Posted by Lori on February 2, 2010

The job hunt is one time when  desperate times should not call for desperate measures. When impending doom is looming over your head and you simply must find employment quickly, it is imperative that you step back and take a deep breath before making a move.

The first order of business is to STOP. Just stop painting every worse case scenario from being hungry to homeless, and make a plan. This is a great time to re-evaluate your interests, skills and work values. Kansas residents can do this free of charge on KansasCareerPipeline.org. Once you have an industry/employer in mind, make a plan and sell your talents and skills to them.

The folks at BusinessWorkforce.com offer some great advice for you in order to put yourself in the best possible limelight. Take a look at their suggestions before you actively begin your search and hopefully your stress level will be a little less because you have a road map to execute your plan:

To start your job search process, it is important to create a self-marketing plan. Just like starting a new business, you need to determine your target audience, identify your unique attributes and selling points and look for effective ways to promote yourself by delivering a powerful proposition. Located below are a few tips on how to effectively market yourself to potential employers:

Take Action – Post your resume to general and niche job sites that are targeted to your industry or location. Consider a resume distribution service to more effectively target key employers and improve your chance of getting noticed.

Let People Know You Are Looking – Reach out to new and former contacts to inform them you are searching for a new career. The more people who know you are looking for a job, the better chance of finding a great job opportunity.

Go the Extra Mile – Create an online career portfolio that incorporates your resume and other relevant career-related information to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Also, prove to potential employers that you are serious about your job search by getting a background check, which will save them valuable time and money.

Create a Unique Brand Identity –Identify your strengths and capabilities that distinguish you from other candidates, and then effectively communicate these attributes to potential employers in verbal and written correspondence. Reinforce your unique selling point throughout your job search to convey the value you will bring to each organization. It’s OK to customize your message based upon your audience.

Attend Networking Events – Join industry associations and attend career fairs to build connections and network. These events allow you to interact with professionals who may have a job opening in their company, or are aware of a job through their network of contacts. Networking is a powerful marketing tool.

Protect Your Reputation – Review any social sites that you have subscribed to, in order to be sure that you are presenting yourself in a positive manner. Employers will review these sites and you will want to make a good impression. So, its important to protect your online reputation.

I find it interesting that this article reflects back to one of our conversations from last week – protecting your online reputation. We will revisit this topic from time to time due to the increasing importance of maintaining a healthy presence on social networking sites.

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    50 Jobs Worse Than Yours

    Posted by Lori on January 29, 2010

    Fix yourself a hot fudge sundae and crack open a can of diet Coke. It’s finally Friday, and time to take our tired ol’ feet off the street, throw them up in the Lay-Z-Boy, and just relax. Our topic of discussion for the next couple Fridays is a look at Jason Racz’ book, 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours (2004). Where, o where, do we start with this one?

    Of all of the jobs I have worked, probably the worst was at a large meat packing plant in Dodge City, Kansas. I started my brief, 3 month-long, career weighing beef carcasses in the cooler. Then, I transferred out to the yard moving the live cattle closer to a grocery store near you. Probably the most important thing I learned about the industry was that I didn’t ever want to do it again.

    Perhaps it depends on your perspective as to which job, or jobs are worse than yours. I decided to throw caution to the wind and select 5 jobs from the list that I think wouldn’t even light the board on being dreadful. Here’s my list for the day (in no particular order):

    • Garbage Barge Skipper – Standing amid the rubbish, transporting it from Point A to Point B, there would be no escaping the odor. The good news is that the dress code is casual; a skipper hat, sunblock, and deodorant are all that is needed. In addition to that, to an olfactory system made of steel would be beneficial! However, the drawback, according to Duffy Saint Pierre, Garbage Barge Skipper is, “Starboard side, port side, everywhere you look, crap’s ahoy.”
    • Domino Setter-Upper – I think this job would require nerves of steel, as well as a mighty steady hand. Tools of the trade include: a yardstick, domino stoppers, Scotch Tape and knee pads. There is tremendous satisfaction when the plan comes together and the dominoes fall, but big time disappointment when they don’t.
    • Stevie Starr: Regurgitator -This one is just plain weird. According to Racz, the job is to, “Swallow foreign objects, such as goldfish, needle and thread, a Rubik’s Cube, and then bring them up whole, threaded and solved.” Believe it or not, this is a skill that cannot be taught!
    • Sherpa – If you were at the USA Conference in Wichita this week, you heard Keynote Speaker, Skip Yowell from JanSport, use this term a couple of times when he talked about his mountain climbing expeditions. Sherpas assist hikers at Mount Everest by toting crates, assisting with camp building, and cooking. Their base pay is the equivalent of about $7.00/day. The book states an amazing factoid – people freeze to death at 28,000 feet and one out of 20 Sherpas do not make it to the next hike.
    • Chick Sexer – As you might suspect, these folks sort the girl chickens from the boy chickens. It may not be a glamorous occupation, but it pays fairly well with Sexers earning $400-$700/day plus expenses. Probably not a bad living in the grand scheme of things. I just think it takes lots of chick looking to garner the big bucks.

    That’s it for today. We’ll get back to business on Monday and end the week looking at 5 more jobs that are still worse than yours. Have a great weekend!

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    Which 30 Jobs Will Add the Most Workers in the Next Decade?

    Posted by Lori on January 19, 2010

    Are you at a crossroads in your current career, or are you ready to make a bold change? Before throwing in the towel at your current job to pursue your dream, or what could be greener pastures, you might want to take a look at Career Builder’s article that lists 30 jobs that will be adding the most employees in the next 10 years. Not surprising, three of the top five jobs are in the health care field. Here are the top five:

    1. Registered Nurses
    2. Home Health Aides
    3. Customer Service Representatives
    4. Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers, Including Fast Food
    5. Personal and Home Care Aides

    While these industries are adding the most employees, it does not mean that the workers will make the most money. Make sure you have researched the industry and are aware of educational requirements and the possibility of limited income associated with various occupations before switching jobs.

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    8 Hot Tips for Job Seekers: A Job Search Guide In a Nutshell

    Posted by Lori on January 13, 2010

    The internet, as well as local libraries and news media, are a plethora of information with regard to careers. How to search for jobs, build resumes, and answer the most poignant interview questions, are just a few topics and titles on the airwaves and in the stacks.

    I recently came across a Job Search Guide from Financial Job Bank. The Guide is a handy-dandy checklist for anyone who is preparing to enter the workforce for the first time or change to a new career. While the document may not be all-inclusive, it is a great resource in a condensed version that anyone can use.

    According the Guide, the job seeker should:

    1. Identify his/her career
    2. Develop a powerful resume
    3. Effectively market themselves to employers
    4. Master the art of the interview
    5. Manage their online reputation
    6. Become a master negotiator
    7. Avoid being a typical job seeker
    8. Stay educated and stay ahead

    Take time to view the link, and all it has to offer as you prepare to find your dream job this year!

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