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50 Bosses Worse Than Yours? Not Today…

Posted by Lori on February 12, 2010

We looked at a few jobs in Justin Racz’ book, 50 Jobs that are Worse than Yours, the last couple Fridays. Well, here we are and it’s another Friday. My original plan for today was to review another one of Racz’ books, 50 Bosses Worse Than Yours. The more I read, the more I was able to name bosses from jobs that colored my occupational history in living technicolor. Not being one who lives in the past, I decided that we simply did not want to go there and spoil the mood for today.

That being said, I think we should not kvetch about the bad supervisors, but celebrate the outstanding bosses, leaders, and mentors who allow us to blaze new trails and encourage us to think outside the bun. I think the best bosses are the ones that lead you to the edge of a cliff, strap a bungee cord on your ankle, then give you a little nudge. The best thing that could happen is that you learn to fly. If you are not so good at flying the first time, you have the cord for him or her to drag you back to the top.

I recall an incident a couple years ago when I had worked very hard on a project for a government agency. The harder I worked, the more complicated the project became. It seemed like there was nothing I could do to complete the task in a format that was agreeable to all parties involved. One morning, I received yet another nasty gram informing me that there were still issues with the document that I had labored over for so long. That was the last straw – I was done. I truly did not know what to do. I felt as if I had been thrown under a 47 passenger school bus, only to rise from the rubble and be mowed over again. However, when I was laying face down on the asphalt in the crosswalk, my boss stood me up and dusted the tire tracks from my back. He simply said, “Do not let them do this to you. We will regroup and it will be ok.”

Long story short, it was ok. That frightful day was the worst day of the year for me, but it also ended up being the best, because I had the support of my boss and our organization. Take a few moments and reflect upon some great moments in your career. Chances are, there was someone in your workplace, college, or community who believed in you and made you who you are today. Have a great weekend!

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