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10 Most Expensive Colleges in the United States

Posted by Lori on February 10, 2010

Having been a college student the last couple of years, I am keenly aware of the rising cost of tuition, books, and the ever popular student privilege fee. As I review my student loan information, I wonder just how in the world I’ll ever get good ol’ Sallie Mae repaid. However, I feel better after seeing the list of the 10 Most Expensive Colleges and Universities in the United States that I found onĀ  cnnmoney.com. By the way, this is their annual tuition!

  1. Sarah Lawrence College – $55,788
  2. Georgetown University – $52,161
  3. New York University – $51,993
  4. George Washington University – $51,775
  5. John Hopkins University – $51,690
  6. Columbia University – $51,544
  7. Wesleyan University – $51,432
  8. Trinity College – $51,400
  9. Washington University of St. Louis – $51,329
  10. Bates College – $51,300

I could attend my alma mater, Kansas State University, for a long time before racking up the equivalent tuition at Bates College!

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