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Wanted: A Normal Employee

Posted by Lori on February 3, 2010

The problem with hiring normal people, is well, they’re hard to find. No one wants to be normal anymore – everyone has to have something special about them: I’m the IT guy who drives a Harley and raises Pygmy bunnies; I’m the Accounting gal who snowboards and always wears Hello Kitty gear; I’m the Marketing Dude who is a little crazy about slow pitch softball and facial hair.┬áThe level of personal branding has gotten to a point where it’s next to impossible to find normal people.

Does this paragraph describe you or someone in your organization? Tim Sackett, a recruiter for technical employees and contributor at Fistful of Talent, believes that it is darned difficult to find normal employees. The good news is that he put together a list of job duties, with explanations, for a normal employee. Here are 5 from the list:

  1. Don’t be creepy.
  2. Have good hygiene.
  3. Don’t talk about your pets or your kids at work, more than you talk about work, while at work.
  4. It’s alright to have crazy colored hair – but you need to balance it with every other normal behavior.
  5. Don’t do any behavior that could be deemed crazy.

I think the list pretty well speaks for itself. With regard to #5, Sackett says that, “You never want to be tagged “crazy” – it’s like luggage, you’ll never get rid of it.” Words to work by, no doubt! Please take a few moments to celebrate the day and examine your behavior at work. If you are exhibiting signs of abnormal behavior, do us all a favor and STOP IT!!!

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