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A Few Job Application Questions for You….

Posted by Lori on February 1, 2010

I helped one of our Learning Center students apply for an entry level job at a national chain store a couple of years ago. My thought was that the online application process would include standard, garden variety questions. The questions would include the obligatory name, address, previous work history, and list of three references. Imagine my surprise when the following list of multiple choice questions appeared:

Except for minor office supplies, what is the total value of goods and merchandise not belonging to you that you have taken from all of your employers in the last 5 years?

  • $0
  • up to $5.00
  • up to $10.00
  • $11.00 or more
  • I don’t remember

The total amount of cash not belonging to you that you have taken from all of your employers in the last 5 years is?

  • $0
  • up to $5.00
  • up to $10.00
  • $11.00 or more
  • I don’t remember

How often do you currently use cocaine, crack or other illegal drugs (LSD, speed, amphetamines, ice, etc.) while at work for just before?

  • Daily
  • One to four times per week
  • One to four times per month
  • Tried once or twice
  • Never

The total value of items you have taken from a store without paying for it, in the last five years:

  • $0
  • Up to $5.00
  • $5.00 – $10.00
  • More than $11.00
  • I don’t remember

Have you ever committed a theft, shoplifting or other crime where you took something that didn’t belong to you?

  • Yes
  • No

How often have you ignored safety rules in order to get the job done in the past three years?

  • Never
  • 1 or 2 times
  • 3 or 4 times

Curious about the interview questions, I decided that I would apply for a part-time job with the company. Interestingly enough, I received a call from the Human Resource Manager the following day requesting that I come to the store and apply in person. To make a long story short, I had to complete the same online application on a computer located at the front of the store, meet with a department manager, as well as the store manager on duty before completing yet another application using paper and pencil. The last activity in the hiring process was a drug test. A few days later, I received the call informing me that I had been hired. I worked for the company for several months meeting new people, learning new skills, and earning a few extra bucks.

I’m sure the company has an acceptable range for answers on their application. I just wonder how many people read the questions and all of the answers thoroughly before answering them honestly?

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