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Doors to open on more opportunity

Posted by Lori on January 26, 2010

Take a look at the opening paragraph in Saturday’s Edition (01/22/10) of the Hutch News:

The Career and Technology Education Academy, one of the crown jewels in the Hutchinson school district’s $78.8 million bond-financed expansion and renovation program, is nearing completion.

I think that is the most exciting news I’ve read with regard to Career and Technical Education in a long time! The new Career Tech Academy houses new training for students interested in Health Sciences, Auto Mechanics and Collision Repair, Machine Technology and Welding, Commercial Construction, and Family and Consumer Sciences careers. Hutch High also has an entrepreneurship program where students operate a coffee shop and t-shirt business. The students receive state of the art training while still in high school giving them a leg up on their chosen careers. Toting industry-recognized certificates, many students can enter the workforce directly from high school.

“I think we’ve always known how important career and technology education is,” said David Patterson, director of the academy. “We’re fortunate for the community and taxpayers to value that as well. Traditional vocational programs seemed like they were for a certain segment of the student population. But we’re finding out that they have benefits and rewards for all our students.”

Congratulations to the community for having the foresight to invest in their most precious commodity, their students!

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