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Top 5 Fastest Growing Salaries in America

Posted by Lori on January 20, 2010

My topic of discussion yesterday was an article that listed the industries that will be hiring the most people in the next decade. After reviewing the list, it appeared that while many of the jobs associated with those employers would be plentiful, they might not necessarily be financially rewarding. Rachel Zupek of PrimeCB.com, a division of Career Builder, compiled a list of industries that are projected to experience the highest growth in salaries. According to Zupek, “Looking for a job with an adequate salary is difficult. It depends on the current job market — which today is not great — where you live, your skill set, your experience level and, perhaps most importantly, your job duties.” The author backs up her facts with information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and through surveys from Salary Expert. Here are five of the top twenty on Zupek’s list:

  1. Oral pathologists study the nature, cause and development of diseases associated with mouth.
    Current salary: $188,577
    Last year: $159,759
    Percent increase: 6.83
  2. Social medical researchers conduct research for use in understanding social problems and for planning and carrying out social welfare programs.
    Current salary: $80,151
    Last year: $68,480
    Increase: 6.65
  3. Pharmacologists conduct experiments to determine how drugs and other substances affect organ and tissues.
    Current salary:
    Last year: $90,012
    Percent increase:
  4. Toxicologists research the toxic effects products and ingredients have on living organisms.
    Current salary: $70,273
    Last year: $63,655
    Percent increase: 5.35
  5. Vocational training teachers teach personal, social and professional skills that meet the needs, interest and abilities of disabled students.
    Current salary: $57,401
    Last year: $52,982
    Percent increase: 4.93

I was pleasantly surprised to see Vocational Training Teachers make the list! It would be interesting to know how that salary stacks up to our teachers in Kansas.

As you can see, in order to garner the higher wages, you may need to commit to furthering your education. Make sure you consider the cost of the education, as well as the time it will take to complete the training, and compare it to the potential salary before altering your career path.


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